portsmouth beach

Today we decided to go outside the city, relax on the beach in portsmouth , drinking beer and chilling out loved it!


Forever 21 in London

Few days ago they have opened the first Forever 21 store in London, I couldn't wait as i remember my friend Adrianna who always was buying nice stuff for me in USA, first of all the quality of clothes is very poor, it's not that cheap as in USA, i couldn't find anything what i like, so basically i was really disappointed  !!!

Harper's baazar Turkey August

I love Turkish Vogue, great pictures always remind me of summer time! I guess this year i am gonna spend my holiday in there


notting hill

Today i decided to find some vintage clothes in Notting Hill, to be honest i thought i might find something amazing in there but just few retro shops and very very expensive , a lot of designers clothes from Vintage Dior or Gucci, but as i said before i never can leave with empty hands some obviously i found some affordable nice stuff like bag underneath

i am wearing vintage levis hot pants
primark belt
topshop wedges


Back to Black Amy

Yesterday evening i went to Camden square to say goodbye to Amy, Many people around leaving flowers and candles, crying and asking themselves why now?? when i saw the news i couldnt believe it, everyone knew she had some problems but no one would expect that!