I dont want to be cool i want to be fashion ( ADR)

What do you think about having blogs by famous fashion editors?? I think it's a great idea specially when it comes from Italy when you can find great fashion designers , editors and a  fashion week has been  always a big event! Now Franca Sozzani Chef editor in Italian VOGUE has began her fashion blog, i ve sent her a message that it would be great if she could write in English too ( even if i am learning Italian it's always hard to understand the whole meaning)  another one who has her own blog is Anna dello Russo ( I dont' want to be cool i want to be fashion). I guess no one has such a big experience in fashion all over the world than her! For me it's a kind of inspiration to check their blogs, have the right information about fashion and fashion event with a bit of humor! Can't wait when my favourite Anna Wintour decide to do it as well:)                  Come on it's so fashionable  to have a blog now?!  :)



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  1. Anna Wintour wouldn't be able to write her blog by herself she has people to do this job:)