Christian louboutin or Jimmy choo?

The history of shoes--that is to say, archaeological and paleoanthropological evidence for the earliest use of protective coverings for the human foot--appears to start during the Middle Paleolithic period of approximately 40,000 years ago... by Kris Hirst
Today i am gonna say few words about shoes!how many pairs have u got?me for sure more than 50 pairs... and its never too much! I keep buying them no matter how many i  ve got in similar shape or colour!I think shoe is a very important accessory, whatever u wear, simple dress or trousers and set it with some great shoes u will always look fabolous !To be honest in Polish shopping centres is very hard to get some fashionable shoes and not so expensive at the same time!I used to like Venezia, italian shoes now i think they sell more SHIT  there than fashion!I CAN T RECOMMEND  any shop apart few pairs of shoes from ZARA every season and thats all!     Can u imagine that in our country where people earn around 400£ monthly at least 100£ u need to spend to have good, leather shoes!
How many of your dream about LOUBOUTIN? Not even many Polish celebrities can afford to get them, Ania Mucha( She cant really wear clothes specially for her figure, doesnt have a great style but often great Louboutin shoes)
What i can only do to help you with buying your perfect, unique shoes!? Order them from international websites!
I always use: www.asos.com   theoutnet.com   or just ebay.com      ask your friends and you can order together oterwise it can be expensive delivery!
But Girls there's no price to look good:)

Here are some pictures i took yesterday with my new orange wedges ON!


So Cute!isnt it? (kenzo)


And finally my new orange wedges!


Listen to your heart, its never wrong!

In love with BURBERRY!
 Since in Burberry they ve changed a designer for Christopher Bailey they always on the top!
   Christoper Bailey is an English man from Yorkshire.He finished Royal College of Art in London.Christopher has a great experience in fashion business, He started as a designer for Donna Karan in New York then improving his design knowledge in Gucci, when Tom Ford was a main designer!Since 2001 he's been working for Burberry company and in my opinion doing very well.I ve notice that he put the company on the very high level, i can even compare to Gucci or Prada but more affordable .Few years ago Burberry was only about check, check and check again! Now we still have check but new, better, mixed with some colours, it's modern and fashionable!I ve realized that many young people wear Burberry now, not only these "mature" one!
Christoper says that he mixes real classic, tradition, historical design with real high fashion!
How the collection is done so perfectly? what inspires him?He loves architecture, design, art and specially people who inspires him the most!As a designer you always need to remember to keep your mind open  and fresh to get new ideas every day!What is his definition of beauty?He says it's nothing to do with fashion or clothes it all about beauty inside ( we can agree with models on the catwalk not all of them look like Anja Rubik right?) Its about kidness and happiness ( with this i can agree) 
I am sure he will suprise us next season again, we will keep buying his clothes to look great( me as a example, prefer not to eat than not to have one piece from new collections)
So do whatever you want to be happy, be yourself  dont forget about nice clothes, its always great  to look good!that what Chris say to do and i totally agree!

I am wearing:
Burberry shirt
vintage leather trousers
asos sunglasses



Finally we are after Easter time, probably  one size bigger at least :)
 I spent such a great time with my family and friends outside the Krakow!We were eating and drinking for few days...
Yesterday evening i came back to Krakow to have my first interview in Poland today morning, I ve never worked in my country before, always in London.So hopefully i will get through with this job ( i wish to myself)
to start working in fashion business here!
After few days of rain it's sunny outside so go and enjoy yourselves!

Here what i was wearing today!

bag from Asos.com



fear,joy style??Queen of the fashion?

Anna Wintour

There  is no person  in thewhole world who doesn’t know  Anna Wintour,  Queen of Vogue!!        She’s been a Vogue fashion editor since 1988.But seriously,  if  we  are thinking  about  her style, the  way how  she  wears  clothes,  can we  really say  QUEEN  OF THE FASHION?! Her presence on the fashion show means success for designers. Although she‘s “loved” by designers and could have collection straight away from the runway she is faithful to her classic style!!!She can make your career smooth or cross out your way forever! Always in the first row, wearing sunglasses(I guess she cannot see properly collections, that’s why American Vogue is not the best one, in my opinion obviously)Some people say that she doesn’t care about people hard job, if she doesn’t like photo session for thousand dollars  she will put it to the bin straight away! Sometimes i buy American Vogue but i always prefer British one or Italian, Great photo shoots!  They always show us Clothes similar to designers one but in cheaper version, American Vogue is all about Gold, Luxury and and richness!
Here some pictures of Anna della Ruso, famous fashion editor at least  she knows how to wear designers!

How do You like Anna Wintour style? Do u think she deserves for title “QUEEN OF THE FASHION”?


whats hot this season!!!???

 This season we have a great opportunity to look great, first neo colours, maxi dresses  and now sunglasses .
Even wearing simple stuff we can make it better now. Tom ford, Linda Farrow, Prada have presented amazing sunglasses collections! They are not that cheap, prices are starting from 200£, but we can find cheaper, similiar one on Asos.com (my favourite website) or ebay com (eye cat sunglasses)