fear,joy style??Queen of the fashion?

Anna Wintour

There  is no person  in thewhole world who doesn’t know  Anna Wintour,  Queen of Vogue!!        She’s been a Vogue fashion editor since 1988.But seriously,  if  we  are thinking  about  her style, the  way how  she  wears  clothes,  can we  really say  QUEEN  OF THE FASHION?! Her presence on the fashion show means success for designers. Although she‘s “loved” by designers and could have collection straight away from the runway she is faithful to her classic style!!!She can make your career smooth or cross out your way forever! Always in the first row, wearing sunglasses(I guess she cannot see properly collections, that’s why American Vogue is not the best one, in my opinion obviously)Some people say that she doesn’t care about people hard job, if she doesn’t like photo session for thousand dollars  she will put it to the bin straight away! Sometimes i buy American Vogue but i always prefer British one or Italian, Great photo shoots!  They always show us Clothes similar to designers one but in cheaper version, American Vogue is all about Gold, Luxury and and richness!
Here some pictures of Anna della Ruso, famous fashion editor at least  she knows how to wear designers!

How do You like Anna Wintour style? Do u think she deserves for title “QUEEN OF THE FASHION”?

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  1. if she's the queen of fashion, Philip Green is the king of fashion.

  2. and thousand of other jewish people around the world!