Listen to your heart, its never wrong!

In love with BURBERRY!
 Since in Burberry they ve changed a designer for Christopher Bailey they always on the top!
   Christoper Bailey is an English man from Yorkshire.He finished Royal College of Art in London.Christopher has a great experience in fashion business, He started as a designer for Donna Karan in New York then improving his design knowledge in Gucci, when Tom Ford was a main designer!Since 2001 he's been working for Burberry company and in my opinion doing very well.I ve notice that he put the company on the very high level, i can even compare to Gucci or Prada but more affordable .Few years ago Burberry was only about check, check and check again! Now we still have check but new, better, mixed with some colours, it's modern and fashionable!I ve realized that many young people wear Burberry now, not only these "mature" one!
Christoper says that he mixes real classic, tradition, historical design with real high fashion!
How the collection is done so perfectly? what inspires him?He loves architecture, design, art and specially people who inspires him the most!As a designer you always need to remember to keep your mind open  and fresh to get new ideas every day!What is his definition of beauty?He says it's nothing to do with fashion or clothes it all about beauty inside ( we can agree with models on the catwalk not all of them look like Anja Rubik right?) Its about kidness and happiness ( with this i can agree) 
I am sure he will suprise us next season again, we will keep buying his clothes to look great( me as a example, prefer not to eat than not to have one piece from new collections)
So do whatever you want to be happy, be yourself  dont forget about nice clothes, its always great  to look good!that what Chris say to do and i totally agree!

I am wearing:
Burberry shirt
vintage leather trousers
asos sunglasses

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