Kate or Kate?!

I ve been to London for a while , and anywhere i go i am " attacked" by pictures of Kate Middleton and Kate Moss as well! If you wanna have Kate Middleton in your house no problem at all, you can buy anything u want with her face on it and Kate Moss dont need to go to far just to Topshop for example where u can get her collections.....
   I like them both, they have 2 different styles, Princess has to follow some of the  Royal rules and she does it very well without spending a lot of money ( that's what we know) another Kate is like more Rocky,Punky wearing designers, Louboutin shoes and expensive bag
Which one is more inspiring for you??do you prefer to be more classic"lady" or easy going,punky girl??
Let's see some pictures underneath

I would say i prefer Kate Moss style, Kate Middleton before  her wedding wasnt as  stylish  as  Kate  but anyway  there are both beautiful and doing very well

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