my favourites

Tonight is the last night when u can get some" bargains" from net-a porter website, i picked some favourites which unfortunately are out of my budget, but one day if i win a lottery i am sure i ll spend a lot of money on this website

black, the row dress, love the open back

Miu miu a bit of retro

plain, white shirt everyone need one so why not from Stella then??

phillip lim trousers perfect for going out

vivienne westwood simple but would look  nice  on  big  boobs

halston jumpsuit u can look like from red carpet in it

neo pink Lanvin shoes love the colour would look great on tan foot

maxi, Gucci dress i would say perfect

Alexander Wang trousers wear it as everyday outfit

and finally Gucci trousers elegant and cheek
total amount: around 5000£ which is much better than 10000£ isnt it?

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