Do you mean anything in Fashion World!

 If You want became a fashion icon you dont need to finish any fashion schools!!!
 but it's always better to built your career  if you have some diplomas from fashion! There is many people in Fashion world who has not finished any   fashion university for example Rachel Zoe, she finished sociology and psychology and she was able to became famous fashion stylist!
It really depends where you live, for me it will be very hard to be someone who means "something" in fashion world, I live in Poland, country where fashion might be important in few years, where is no Fashion schools( apart from design, but what about us, stylist?fashion journalist?fashion marketing etc?)and people are not brave enough to wear colours and nice patterns!
So if you really want to study you definetely need to go abroad : London College of Fashion, Saint Martins London, or Milan where you can study in English Scoula Di Moda or Fashion Institute School!
But be ready to spent a lot of money per year!But in my opinion it's all about luck!

Here are some OLD pictures of my work!(  as i am working on sth new now:)

4 komentarze:

  1. Nothing new. It's not original and creative.

  2. ok cool your opinion! i am working on sth new! first comment you probably have no knowledge about fashion if u can only say " ugly"

  3. thanks for the second opinion i agree with you i would change a lot with these pictures!