Nothing between??

Today i was thinking a lot about fashion for bigger models, what do you think it's better to see on the catwalk, big Beth Dito walking through the Jean Paul Gautier catwalk or skinny, not really able to walk on this massive heels girl? I think it's doesnt look good when u want a huge model to present nice, sexy dress and at the same time even disgusting by the skinny, bony one! As u probably have noticed designers tries to hire normal girls during the fashion weeks, for example Marc Jacobs for Louis Vuitton and Jean Paul Gautier. I do understand that clothes looks good on the girl with long legs and nice figure but not like those which i am gonna show u on the pictures. For example Beyonce Knowles or Rihanna and many more are the the badge, symbol of sexapil and designers are able to design for slightly bigger size than 0! I know it's easy to say... even i do seek to perfect figure, being on diets going to the gym and it's never enough...In the 21st century medicine offers us a lot of treatments to look good but i think the best way to look good is to go the gym quite often ( as i do)  close your eyes when you are next to KFC ( from time to time:)  wear heels or wedges and knowledge how to cover your bellies :)
PS: I choose........whatever, just need to feel good in your own body ( say no to anorexia and obesity)
Good luck then!

over 100kg

not bad?



i am wearing :
White zara blazer( last season)
irregular choice shoes
burberry jeans
primark belt

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  1. slicznie,sczegolnie korale na glowie!!! super!!!

  2. i kto to pisze:P ta ktora prawie w ogole nie je a jak juz je to bardzo ale to bardzo dietetycznie... po czym na silowni katuje sie na biezni .... :) ej Aldonka... :P ale fajny outfit :)